Woven Reflections with Andrew Rizzo

Over the din of a four-bar Gibson floor loom, Rizzo shares an international and interpersonal perspective while also explaining the nuts and bolts of how to “do the dance”, weaving astrological birth charts, what to do when you make a mistake, and how a beginner can connect to their local community of weavers to get into the age-old art form.

Strava Art and The Nazca Lines

On this episode of BeCreativeNow, “Strava Art and The Nazca Lines”, I team up with Theo Ellsworth and set out on a once-in-a-liftime journey to recreate the Nazca Hummingbird as a piece of Strava Art. Earth drawing has been around for thousands of years, long before the advent of workout trackers like Strava. To connect the past and present, it seemed appropriate to pay homage to the original Earth Drawing artists: The historic Naca people of Peru. I did a few practice rides on simple shapes like the Penrose Triangle and the Devil’s Tuning Fork. Once I was ready, I planned out my route as closely as I could to the original, and Theo and I set out on an epic journey to capture our own Nazca Hummingbirds. Soundtrack for Strava Art and The Nazca Lines: “Wildfire” by Ariel Bui – check her out and buy the album at arielbui.bandcamp.com.

Shakespeare in the Forest

  Perhaps I got a little too excited by the BBC’s Hollow Crown series, since for this week’s post I headed for the liberties with Erik Johnson to act out some Shakespeare in the forest.  My only previous Shakespeare roll was that of a horse in the Taming of the Shrew back in high school,… (read more)

Alla Prima “Wet-on-Wet” Oil Painting

In this video, I try my hand at a classical style of oil painting to paint a scene of the boats in the harbor in Santa Barbara at sunset. Alla prima “wet-on-wet” oil painting is a lively style that encourages flow and improvisation, as well as careful attention to detail.

Boosted Bread – Yerba Mate Sourdough

Why make regular bread when you can make caffeinated bread? I’ve always wanted to learn how to make sourdough bread, so when a buddy offered me a cut of his starter, I figured the time had come. That same day, a different friend with a tea company called asking if I had any good ideas for new ways to use yerba mate. On this episode of BeCreativeNow, I invent “Boosted Bread” – just don’t eat it before bed!