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Is learning creativity possible?

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This is a blog about closing the gap between our dreams and capacities, and how to live with a little extra spark.

At all stages of life, from students to mature professionals, people are coming around to the idea that it’s important, and even cool, to strengthen their ability for learning creativity to undertake all kinds of projects that don’t fit any kind of preexisting mold.  Which reminds me of one of the best definitions of artistic creativity I’ve read: 


“The main element of art is the uniqueness of the transmitted message. A Masterpiece is the correct execution of a unique and unrepeatable creative idea…

The artistic creation involves the realization of two disjoint processes: the generation of a message to convey and the execution of the work of art.”


How could there be a mold for that?  Is learning creativity even possible? Whatever you answer to that, working to live and support yourself, and your family if you have one, doesn’t have to be enough, or all there is. 

Think of people in corporate jobs, which are often great jobs, who want to paint but have no idea where to start.  Or a working teacher with young kids who has no extra time but wants to start a new writing project.  Or a high energy entrepreneur who wants to be able to think more flexibly to overcome new business challenges.  None of these people have the time to go back to art school full time or anything like that, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take the leap and fully commit to creative projects of any scale, and finish them.

Most of us aren’t on track to be career artists,  living off the sale of our artwork.  But learning from those types of people can teach us how to bring that energy into our lives.  This blog is about building a bridge across the gap between our ideas and our abilities, in real terms.   You can’t just manifest this type of thing, but you can cultivate it.

Let me know in the comments one thing you wish you could do if you only knew how, or what you wish you knew about learning or creativity in general, and I’ll write about that, or maybe even make you a video.  In the mean time, stay tuned for posts about the details of this project, and the research behind it.  


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February 22, 2020 06:35

Wow, You’ve raised some relevant questions that hopefully illuminate some mystifying attributes an artist must gather to obtain results. Even a thing as straightforward as to “fully commit to creative projects of any scale, and finish them”, as you say, can be difficult even to a seasoned artist. So many factors go into the execution and completion of any work of art, it will exciting to see how this blog comes alive. Rock on!

February 22, 2020 07:19

Can you provide some successful cases studies?

Miki Fukushima
Miki Fukushima
February 28, 2020 22:23
Reply to  Sam

Thank you for sharing, I will check this out!