Woven Reflections with Andrew Rizzo

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Woven Reflections with Andrew Rizzo

In this episode of Be Creative Now, weaver Andrew Rizzo shares his woven reflections on the craft of loom work.  Shot in the comfort of a yurt which serves as his weaving studio, Rizzo discusses how he came to be a weaver, and shares a view of world history and self-analysis rooted in the metaphors, stories and songs connected to textile arts. 

Over the din of a four-bar Gibson floor loom, Rizzo shares an international and interpersonal perspective while also explaining the nuts and bolts of how to “do the dance”, weaving astrological birth charts, what to do when you make a mistake, and how a beginner can connect to their local community of weavers to get into the age-old art form.

The soundtrack to this episode is from  Love Storm – 6ft Hug Troopers Zoom Party by DJ Aleh.  Check out more of his mixes at soundclould.com/aleh-dj 


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June 26, 2020 16:05

Awesome! I learned crocheting years ago. Weaving definitely needs more thorough work. Love the way you describe it as ‘do the dance’.

Michael Coles
Michael Coles
July 10, 2020 21:35

Another insightful episode from BeCreativeNow. An intriguing look at the the dynamics of a weaver’s ways of working on a loom. Such methods pull one back in time. Positive and productive energy here.

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